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Group Member Agreement

Group Member Agreement

Group Members Agree: 

1. To respect the other group members and keep things said within the group confidential. Personal information is not to be used outside of the group. (Exception: if you are a danger to yourself or others.)

2. To allow time for everyone to comment and share how they are feeling. Instances of silence during discussion time will be viewed as “okay” because it allows everyone time to think before answering.

3. To commit to doing the healing work found in the participant workbook’s From Mourning to Joy exercises and My Weekly Grief Work.

4. That this is a biblically based and Christ-centered program and that grief-related topics will be looked at through the lens of the Bible.

5. That everyone is free to ask questions and to express feelings, thoughts, concerns, anger, fears, and successful milestones.

6. That everyone is at a different place on his or her grief/healing journey.

7. That facilitators have the right to remove any person from the group who has misrepresented him- or herself (e.g., using the group to find a date, a group hopper, or a person who has never experienced a loved one’s death).

8. That while attending GriefShare there is a “no dating” policy among members, and group members understand they will be cautioned against dating while grieving because the change of emotional focus affects learning and growth recovery.

9. That they will make a commitment to their grief process and will attend every session in the 13-week cycle (and may repeat the cycle one to two more times).

10. To allow facilitators to use comments made or insights discovered by the member (no name used) as helpful examples for others struggling with grief issues.

11. That if a member ever feels offended by what a facilitator or another participant has said or done, that he or she will commit to talking to that person with another person present and work through the offense. This is important and vital.

12. To acknowledge and understand that GriefShare facilitators are not college-degreed counselors, psychiatrists, or psycholo- gists but are lay people with a heart for Christ and for His people becoming whole and healed.


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